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Alaska Wild Harvest – Our latest E-Commerce Project

At the beginning of the summer, Dulce and Michael reached out to us about redoing their ancient e-commerce website. We had an instant taking to this likable couple and were excited to help them give their online presence a makeover!

The client went from using a Yahoo Business Online Store to a modern WordPress WooCommerce e-store. This isn’t just a website that sells products, but also a website that provides a wealth of information about wild harvest products made in Alaska. It took lots of planning, teamwork, and organization, but we are both very happy with the results!

Check out their new mobile-friendly, modern and streamlined website:

Use our celebratory coupon code “october10” to get 10% off.

While you’re on their site make sure you check out their story! It’s a great inspiration for anyone wanting to start their own successful small business in Alaska.



  • Inputting over 50+ products
  • New Photos for the website (products and location shots)
  • Importance of Speed – Used WP Engine Hosting
  • Providing baskets where the customer has multiple choices to pick from (products with multiple variants).
  • Using PayPal Pro
  • New Color Scheme
  • Re-organization of site store and educational information
  • Client Friendly sections to update (Recipes, Harvest Journal, Events, Products) – Offered in-house basic video tutorials specific to this site.
  • SEO – optimized images, URLs optimized for keywords, analytics hooked up and tacking, future SEO work scheduled for the additional URLs they own (one-page keyword optimized sites)




Getting ‘Google-licious’ for Microturbines Alaska & Washington State

Our friends at Mana Technologies came to us with a request to Google Optimize their existing website so they show up better for their key search phrases – Microturbines Alaska and Microturbines Washington State.

We love nothing more than making websites ‘Googlicious’ so we’re currently working through our list of fundamental requirements as well as a custom list tailored specifically to their website, locations & industry.

Watch this space for the results of our labors!

Clean and Functional

SWAMC, the South West Alaska Municipal Conference, had an existing website but decided it was time to upgrade to something cleaner and more simplified. They classified their site as an old school encyclopedia

In addition to rebuilding their site, we also created three new subscription and sign up forms for them to use that are all PCI compliant. We’ve helped them link up with a new online merchant to stream line receiving payments for their membership, conference registration, and sponsorship entries.

The team at SWAMC wanted a site they could make minor changes themselves in the future. We listened and provided 16 how-to videos to help guide them in making minor changes in-house, like updating their CTA and conference agenda.

OTC Loves to Tell A Story

Here at OTC, we like to think of ourselves as story tellers.

Check out Taste of Alaska’s new website.
They trusted us to help tell their unique story with a new modern website with awesome photos and clean optimized text. They even flew our boss man, Kelvin, up to help organize their website launch party.

Need help telling the world your story, ask us! We’d love to help. Also, don’t forget to book your room at Taste of Alaska the next time you find yourself in Fairbanks.



Tanalian Bible Camp

Tanalian Bible Camp now has a modernized mobile friendly site that truly shows off their product. They came to us with plans and we turned it into reality.

Check out their new website:

This was a fun project helping them combine their Tanalian Bible Camp & Tanalian Leadership Center programs into one user-friendly website.