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Follow up: Yes they are back on Google

Just a follow up to our Dec 21st post about Sound Construction LLC being dropped from Google.  We have now completed the fix and they are indeed back on Google, Success!

Google “Sound Contracting Alaska

There was a culmination of several factors that lead them to be dropped from Google.

We basically

  1. Refreshed the outdated hosting and coding on the website.
  2. Random Googlelicious fixes and changes based on years experience. Many basic/fundamental things that add up and makes the site more palatable to Google.
  3. The site had been hacked a little.  Can we got rid of all that mess
  4. There was an old business at the same address, that was clashing on Google maps.  We got the old business off and then worked with Google to figure out why their Business wasn’t showing.
  5. We connected the site to Google’s analytics asked them to take a new look at the website.
  6. Linked up from to local information website ( and the local newspaper ( This was the huge thing that helped almost instantly.Google very much respects links from the local newspaper.  Imagine it like a reference in real life.   Mr. Gazette tells Mr. Google that he should go take a re-look at a website.  Mr. Google does it because he respects Gazette.  Mr. Google also looks at Mr. Gazette and every single link on his website twice a day.  So it doesn’t take long till things change.  Sound Construction was back on Google within 12 hours of getting links to the 2 websites above.