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Google Essentials

Hi – My name is Kelvin, one of the founders of OTC. I want to explain to you what I believe are the 4 ESSENTIAL things you should tick off when working on your Google SEO.

This is simple stuff that gets you going with a good foundation to start getting into and ahead on competitive Google searches.

Some folk are happy to perform some, most or all of these tasks themselves after consultation with us, however, most prefer to take us up on our Google Essentials Package which includes all of these elements. You can find details here >

1. Getting Links

Local and Industry links into your website are a powerful tool when it comes to establishing your SEO foundations. Links are important because;

  • They tell Google your content is relevant.
  • They tell Google your content is authoritative.
  • They tell Google that people trust what you have to say.

Download PDF Checklist

2. Getting Reviews

Your Google Business/Map Listing needs to be correctly set up and you need to actively generate genuine reviews from customers. This helps because;

  • Google likes to activity on your account.
  • It establishes you as a ‘live’ business.
  • It communicates trust and authority.

Download PDF Checklist

3. Keyphrase Research

This is where we work out what phrases people are searching for that relate to your business.

  • Use the Keyword Planner Tool
  • Use Location Words
  • Use Industry Words

Download PDF Checklist

4. Keyphrase Implementation

Once you have found relevant phrases people are searching for it’s time to add them to your website. Google Bots use a hierarchy when crawling your website so it’s very important to add your phrases in the right way.

  • The Page Title is the most important.
  • Followed by your main (H1) Header on the page.
  • Be careful not to overuse your keyphrase in the remaining content.

Download PDF Checklist