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Comprehensive Google SEO Optimization – Kodiak Deer Hunts

When the OTC team finished up with the Comprehensive Google SEO work we had done on his website, owner, Capt. Chad said, ‘You did all the work, now we just let it fish’.

After 11 months of ‘fishing’ Capt. Chad’s website had gone from zero to #1 for all targeted keyphrases.

Below is a little summary of all that we did to achieve those results;

  • Extensive Google ‘search’ phrase research.
  • Built a new website from scratch with navigation and pages based directly on the ‘search’ phrase research.
  • Continual analysis of Google Analytics results.
  • 3-4 rounds of tweaks, refining and further work over an 11 month period.
  • Major effort put into improving page loading speeds, shaving seconds off load times which Google values highly.
  • Implemented a strong linking strategy getting several important links from other local and authority websites such as Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, and articles on local tourism websites.
  • Pedantic about ticking off ALL the boxes.
  • Systematically optimized pages using Google’s ‘rules’ for typography and tags.
  • Made targeted landing pages to score each phrase used to back up the Main Homepage in Google.

Then we kept going back to the fire, stoking, building, doing over and finessing until we got the #1 results