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Need a Scheduler for All Those Appointments?

These days, people are looking to do most of their business online, and that includes scheduling appointments. Automation has become the norm, and most people want to take advantage of clicking a button rather than calling and asking when there is availability.

Our smart clients are realizing this, too, and they are asking for scheduling to be built into their websites. There is a variety of scheduling software out there, so we ask our clients what they are wanting and choose one that suits their needs, best.

We look at a number of things when choosing the right software for our clients, such as:

  • functionality
  • user-friendliness
  • dependability
  • security
  • integration with other applications


Check out some examples of appointment schedulers we used for some of our clients:

We felt Acuity Scheduling was the right one for and, as it integrated seamlessly into their websites and is compatible with Square and PayPal.

Bookeo is another platform for online scheduling and is also a great option for those looking for online event registration. Check out for an example.