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Google SEO – Arctic Circle Landing Page for 1st Alaska Tours

Ralf at 1st Alaska Tours had a long-time goal to get his business to show up on Page #1 of Google for the search phrase “Arctic Circle.”

After consultation with us, Ralf gave the OTC team the green light to make an Arctic Circle landing page to specifically target the phrase.

Within six months, the 1st Alaska Tours Arctic Circle landing page had made it to page #1 of Google results and can still be found there, today.

Below is a summary of all the things we did:

  • Made a landing page specifically to show on Page #1 of Google search for the phrase “Arctic Circle.”
  • Researched the topic and gathered all the relevant information covering the who, what, when & why of the Arctic Circle.
  • Planned the page from top to bottom to be as informative as possible – the aim was to make it as useful as a Wikipedia page.
  • Had fun as we got to put together all the content, including maps, pictures, video, words and Q&A.
  • Made a clean, easy to read, and easy to navigate page that sits on his main website so when visitors click through they are enticed to learn more about Ralf’s business.
  • Implemented a massive linking strategy, organizing links to the page from over 30 reputable, local websites.