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Get me back in Google

Sound construction LLC in Girdwood has been baffled lately about why their website is not showing in Google Search Results.

I mean nowhere, not even for their business name.

So OTC has been hired to see if we can remedy that.

Will let you know our progress.

To start off with we are getting the site linked up from the local paper, and this blog post. Linking from respected websites is all Google needs to list a site sometimes. It is a like reference in real life.

Also, we will register the site with Google Search Console and Analytics.  This is the closest we can get to directly telling Google ” Hey look at me, I am a website and I would like you to take a look at me.  And pretty please can you put me back in your Search results.”

Will let you know how it all goes.  First, we make some changes, then we have to wait a few weeks to see if it worked.

Sound Contracting LLC: General Contractor in Girdwood, Alaska

Sound Contracting LLC: General Contractor in Girdwood, Alaska