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Myno Carbon Website

Myno Carbon is an exciting new company that works closely with customers to make carbon-negative biochar from their organic waste streams. 

By 2030, they aim to have 6 major Carbon Removal Facilities up and running. Each year this would convert 1 million tons of waste biomass into a permanent carbon-based material, locking carbon up for good:

Having worked on the original website in 2020 for CEO and founder, Thor Kallestad, we were excited to be asked to be involved in a rebrand and website update.

We worked closely with a Republic of Everyone – leading sustainability, brand purpose and impact specialists, to bring the new branding and website to life.

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Straight to the Plate Website

The Kramer family has a mission; to serve high quality, healthy, sustainable, and fresh wild-caught Alaskan salmon straight to your plate, so they set up a Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

This means they presell shares of their catch to customers, allowing them to bypass the dominating global supply chains and keep their process small and sustainable.

To directly market their catch, they needed an effective website to educate customers on their philosophy and business model and also give them an easy way to order. OTC designed a beautiful, clean, and functional website for the Kramers. Customers can now easily place an order for salmon straight from the website.

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Anchorage Library Champions Website

“The Friends of the Library and the Anchorage Library Foundation raise funds from community members like you and advocate for increased public funding to make the Anchorage Public Library great.”

When Clare from the Anchorage Library Foundation contacted OTC, she was wanting a new design for their website. She was happy with the overall content but wanted a cleaner, more modern, and user-friendly look.

The OTC team worked to deliver her vision by making easy-to-navigate drop-down menus and incorporating a new responsive design. The website looks cleaner with lots of contrasting white space, well-organized information, and updated fonts.

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North Pacific Industrial Coatings Website

Kate from North Pacific Industrial Coatings reached out to OTC based on a recommendation from a co-worker who had worked with us on a project in the past.

North Pacific Industrial Coatings is a commercial painting company located in Kent, Washington that provides a wide range of blasting and painting services. They pride themselves on their quality workmanship, quick turnaround times, and the ability to keep projects on budget.

In Kate’s words, their current website was “outdated and tired. And LONG overdue for a revamp.”

Based on Kate’s brief of Industrial, but with a warmer and more personalized feel, OTC designed and built a clean and simple website that put their company values front and center. Their new logo and professional photography completed the story.

The new website is easy to navigate and includes additional functionality, such as ‘Request a Quote’ forms and Vendor & Customer resource sections. A big upgrade and much more useful than their old, outdated website.

Fish Western Alaska Website & Logo

Lady Elias LLC operates a fleet of three fishing boats out of King Cove, Alaska.

OTC developed the Fish Western Alaska website for them as a tool to drive recruitment to staff their boats. As skipper Ben Ley points out, they need a resource to reach people while they, themselves are unreachable, which is a lot of the time!

The website aims to show who they are, what they do, and give potential employees all the information they might need if they’re thinking of applying for a job. They can then use the simple website form to apply online.

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Seward Real Estate Website

The brief from Seward Real Estate was for a simple website that puts all Seward-area residential real estate listings front and center.

The OTC team designed a website that includes an easy-to-view IDX Grid feed on their home page with a property search bar right at the top.

Their other request was to provide a comprehensive set of tools and resources for buyers and sellers. We created a section for buyers that includes advice on the process, a mortgage calculator, and a list of finance providers. The separate sellers section includes a house valuation request form, a guide to the listing and selling process, and useful article links.

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