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Myno Carbon Website

Myno Carbon is an exciting new company that works closely with customers to make biochar from their waste streams. This biochar is then used for agricultural purposes or to stabilize and pave roads.

Through the production and increased use of biochar, Myno’s goal is to accelerate the rate at which humanity removes carbon from the atmosphere, improves the health of soil and water resources, and in the process, creates the good jobs of the future.

CEO and Founder Thor Kallestad has worked on projects with OTC in the past so he didn’t hesitate to get in touch when he needed a website made for his new company.

The OTC team immersed themselves in the business to understand the audience Myno was targeting and what their end goal was. We then organized the information in a logical way and built a beautiful website that not only gets the environmental message across loud and clear but also clearly explains their product and process to potential customers.

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