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Almost Movember

As November is upon us, so are our mustaches here at OTC, well, for those of us who can grow them. Each year we enjoy supporting efforts to raise awareness for men’s health issues, which the Movember Foundation has been doing since 2003.

According to its website, the Movember Foundation has raised $559 million to date and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries – quite impressive for a movement with such humble beginnings. The idea started with a group of young men in an Australian pub who came up with the idea for the charity and coined the term Movember. Men are challenged to grow a mustache through the month of November to raise awareness and spark conversation about men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, other male cancers, and depression.

Speaking of those of us who can’t grow a mustache, Movember isn’t just for men. Women can start a team and fundraise, as well – Mo Sistas. Too bad we can’t grow the mustache; that’s part of the fun. And our guys at OTC sure look handsome by the end of Movember!


Are You Google-licious?

1. Google-licious – adjective describing a website that is appealing to Google in that it ranks high on Google searches; also describes a website whose description on a Google search listing is attractive to users, leading to a higher click ratio.

“That there website is mighty Google-licious!”


2. Google-licious – Noun- 1. Someone or something that is worthy of being Googled. 2. Something that’s really cool.

“That Jeopardy question was definitely Google-licious.”
“Did you see that ski run? It was totally Google-licious!


3. Google-licious – Adjective – Something which is extremely sexy, extremely useful, and extremely thought out. Generally used for times when words such as sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing just don’t do justice.

OTC is Google-licious!

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The Urban Dictionary gives us different definitions of the word Google-licious, but one thing we know for certain is they all sound good to us. If something is googlicious, no doubt it is good, really good. That’s why we are so happy we can help our clients become just that. Google-licious.

We are super happy we were able to help Glacier City Realty and Alaska Travel Source claim the #1 position in Google search within 12 months after updating and redesigning their outdated websites. Google-licious has meant great things for their businesses.

Alaska Travel Source – Shows up with 3 different ways when you search “Anchorage Travel Agent” and they are all at the top of the page.


Same again with Glacier City Realty. #1 Realtors in town.


Anchorage Library Foundation – New Site

The Anchorage Library Foundation was due to merge with Friends of the Library and needed one website to successfully combine the functions of both organizations.

OTC made a beautiful website to their specifications, including custom artwork. The website has been set up so they can edit and manage the content themselves.

Check out their website here




Michael and Decker Real Estate Launch

Michael and Decker were setting up and needed a new website to showcase their brand and drive sales to their new real estate business.

OTC produced a beautiful, functional website that included access to real estate MLS property listings and multiple search functions.

See it here




Taku Engineering- New Website Launch

We’re proud to announce the launch of a new website we’ve been working on for Taku Engineering, an Anchorage based specialty engineering firm.

Taku had an existing website that was out-dated and wasn’t really getting across who they are as a company. They came to OTC for a re-design that would not only look up to date, but also more accurately reflect the culture of their business.

OTC have produced a clean modern design that clearly defines Taku Engineering – who they are and what they do.

View the new site at