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Are You Google-licious?

1. Google-licious – adjective describing a website that is appealing to Google in that it ranks high on Google searches; also describes a website whose description on a Google search listing is attractive to users, leading to a higher click ratio.

“That there website is mighty Google-licious!”


2. Google-licious – Noun- 1. Someone or something that is worthy of being Googled. 2. Something that’s really cool.

“That Jeopardy question was definitely Google-licious.”
“Did you see that ski run? It was totally Google-licious!


3. Google-licious – Adjective – Something which is extremely sexy, extremely useful, and extremely thought out. Generally used for times when words such as sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing just don’t do justice.

OTC is Google-licious!

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The Urban Dictionary gives us different definitions of the word Google-licious, but one thing we know for certain is they all sound good to us. If something is googlicious, no doubt it is good, really good. That’s why we are so happy we can help our clients become just that. Google-licious.

We are super happy we were able to help Glacier City Realty and Alaska Travel Source claim the #1 position in Google search within 12 months after updating and redesigning their outdated websites. Google-licious has meant great things for their businesses.

Alaska Travel Source – Shows up with 3 different ways when you search “Anchorage Travel Agent” and they are all at the top of the page.


Same again with Glacier City Realty. #1 Realtors in town.