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A little Google Tune-Up

Just got done helping Sean Smart @ Kenai River Recon tune up his website and internet setup to start doing better on Google.

We cut a lot of the clutter out, increased loading speeds 2-3 times, gave things more room to breathe. Fixed a bunch of errors. Changed wording and concentrated on commonly used Fishing Google search phrases. Submitted site to Google for a look see as well as fixing up Google Maps listings.

Just all the basics to make a site Google friendly. Which really just means make people and phone friendly. Cut the BS and make your website clear, simple and to people solve their problem or desire.

We also did a lot of consulting with Sean to empower him to take on some of the online legwork. Like writing blog posts, Facebook and having a strategy to get review and links to the business.

We’ll now check back in on Sean in a month or 2 and see how things are a going.

Mobile Speed Before
Mobile Speed After