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Google & Page Loading Speeds.

Just when we’ve all got our heads around the Google Mobile-Friendly standards (see post 25th June, 2015),  up pops another Google requirement that needs to be addressed – page loading speeds. To be honest page loading speeds have always been important and we’ve always striven to make them the best we can. But this time around, Google have been more than helpful and they’ve developed the PageSpeeds Insight tool. Not only does this tool quickly analyze your URL to see if it meets the standards, it tells you exactly what isn’t passing and what needs to be done to make it right. Simple!


How can I find out if my page loading speeds are OK?

You can visit the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool Page, input your Website Address and Google will give you a score out of 100 for both mobile and desktop. They consider anything over 85 to be acceptable, anything under that will need some work to get it up to standard.


What work needs to be done if my website scores under 85?

It depends on your website and what Google has picked up as being problematic with it. The best thing to do is to consult an expert to get a full analysis and find out the scale of the work involved.


Get in touch with OTC

We’ve fixed these for a more than a few clients now, and have a good working knowledge of what is involved. Often a few small fixes can make a huge difference, sometimes it’s a little more involved. Give us a call on (907) 382-0456 or email us at so we can review your results and advise you the best course of action