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The OTC team thinks their home town of Girdwood, Alaska is a pretty special place. Sadly, until a few years ago, there wasn’t a single online presence that showcased our beloved town and provided useful information to residents and potential visitors.

Having identified the need for a website for all things Girdwood, we got together with a few like-minded individuals to design one. The vision was for a go-to resource that would serve locals and visitors alike.

Today, not only is number one in Google with a growing total of over 4000 visitors monthly, it is also recognized as the number one resource for our town. Problem solved!

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Little Bears Early Learning Center Website

Little Bears Playhouse, Inc. is a non-profit childcare facility serving the families of Girdwood and the Four Valleys area of Alaska.

Director, Lauren and the Little Bears Team had been dealing with an old, clunky, outdated website and decided it was time to commission OTC to make them a new one.

OTC worked closely with Lauren and her team to design a clean, modern website, with clear simple layouts, well-organized information, and a fun, child-friendly vibe.

We were lucky enough to have Cami Lynn Grace Photography on board for this project. We welcomed the opportunity to work her beautiful, professional photographs into the new website. We’re sure you’ll agree they take it to the next level!

Hearts & Hands Of Care Website

Heart and Hands of Care is a non-profit organization that offers programs to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families in the community.

They had an old website that was getting really outdated and wanted to replace it with a more modern, simplified design.

The OTC team got to work on coming up with a clean, fresh look and design for the website. Once Hearts and Hands had signed off on the visual concept, we reorganized their information, navigation, and layouts, making the website much more user-friendly.

The end result is a well-organized, functional website that is easy to navigate and meets their brief for modern.

We continue to work on regular updates for Hearts and Hands and look forward to being involved in the ongoing development of the website.

88 Energy’s Risky Business Website

The Alaska Wilderness League is a coalition of several like-minded groups.

They wanted to publish a website that gave accurate Information to potential investors of the 88 Energy project – a project to develop oil and gas in the Arctic Refuge.

As well as reaching potential investors, they wanted the website to inform undecided legislators, media new to the beat, concerned people of Alaska, and all peoples impacted by the project

The idea behind the website was to make a business case to avoid extreme risks of the project, and create transparency around “Tract 29” misnomer.

OTC worked closely with their team to put together a visually and information-rich website that laid out the facts for all to see.

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Seldovia Village Tribe Website

Seldovia Village Tribe prioritizes providing services and supports for the people of the Kachemak Bay area.

In 2018 they put out a request for proposals to redesign all three of their websites. As a normal part of our process, we spend time researching our potential clients, and we were so impressed by the work the Seldovia Village Tribe were doing for their community, we knew right away we wanted a chance to work with them! Luckily for us, they liked our proposal.

The team designed three websites that have a similar feel in terms of layouts, imagery, design and typography, but that function differently from one another to address the unique needs of the visitors for each one.

Seldovia Village Tribe
SVT Health & Wellness
Seldovia Bay Ferry

Anchorage Library Champions Website

“The Friends of the Library and the Anchorage Library Foundation raise funds from community members like you and advocate for increased public funding to make the Anchorage Public Library great.”

When Clare from the Anchorage Library Foundation contacted OTC, she was wanting a new design for their website. She was happy with the overall content but wanted a cleaner, more modern, and user-friendly look.

The OTC team worked to deliver her vision by making easy-to-navigate drop-down menus and incorporating a new responsive design. The website looks cleaner with lots of contrasting white space, well-organized information, and updated fonts.

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