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Coatings Unlimited Website

Coatings Unlimited (ICU) is an industry-leading painting and protective coating solutions company based in Seattle, WA. They’d had an under-construction page sitting on the internet for quite some time. Obviously, this really hadn’t been doing all it could to promote their business and they decided the time had come to get a website made.

The OTC team worked to ICU’s brief, designing and developing a clean, professional, and well-organized website that gives potential clients all the information they need.

ICU is pleased with the end result and so are we. They now have an attractive website that does a fantastic job of promoting their company, their services, and their philosophy. We also made sure it can be built on further in the future as they find the time and the resources to work on it more.

Supreme Electric Website

Keith and Justin have owned and operated Supreme Electric in Anchorage since 2010. In 2019 they undertook a rebranding and repositioning exercise for their company. This meant their existing website no longer aligned with the business, and was no longer on-brand.

OTC worked with Keith and Justin to design and develop a new website that integrated seamlessly with their vision for the company.

The end result is an easy to navigate and on-brand website that clearly lays out all the services they offer. Their impeccable customer reviews are featured throughout and users can easily request a booking by using the online form that integrates with Supreme’s 3rd party Job Management software.

TrailerCraft Website

TrailerCraft, Inc. has been a trusted institution in the trucking and commercial vehicle industry in the 49th State since its inception in 1969.

They had a website they loved the look and feel of but that was no longer useful as it was sitting on an old obsolete platform, which made editing it impossible.

The OTC team set to work and rebuilt their old website on a whole new foundation without losing the original design and feel. It is now fast and functional and can easily be developed further in the future. TrailerCraft can upload their inventory and keep it up to date themselves and we even added a few custom ‘bells & whistles’ to set them apart from the competition.

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Myno Carbon Website

Myno Carbon is an exciting new company that works closely with customers to make biochar from their waste streams. This biochar is then used for agricultural purposes or to stabilize and pave roads.

Through the production and increased use of biochar, Myno’s goal is to accelerate the rate at which humanity removes carbon from the atmosphere, improves the health of soil and water resources, and in the process, creates the good jobs of the future.

CEO and Founder Thor Kallestad has worked on projects with OTC in the past so he didn’t hesitate to get in touch when he needed a website made for his new company.

The OTC team immersed themselves in the business to understand the audience Myno was targeting and what their end goal was. We then organized the information in a logical way and built a beautiful website that not only gets the environmental message across loud and clear but also clearly explains their product and process to potential customers.

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Greer Tank Website

Greer Tank has been fabricating tanks for commercial, residential and industrial needs since the early 1950s.

Greer Tank wanted a website that gave customers detailed product and service information while also giving a deeper insight into their business and philosophies. Of particular importance was showcasing the history and growth of their company and making sure visitors can see they are still growing and getting stronger.

The team at OTC planned an easy to navigate and well-organized structure, then built a beautifully designed website that included customer resources such as tank volume calculators, a download library, and a simple request-a-quote form.

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North Pacific Industrial Coatings Website

Kate from North Pacific Industrial Coatings reached out to OTC based on a recommendation from a co-worker who had worked with us on a project in the past.

North Pacific Industrial Coatings is a commercial painting company located in Kent, Washington that provides a wide range of blasting and painting services. They pride themselves on their quality workmanship, quick turnaround times, and the ability to keep projects on budget.

In Kate’s words, their current website was “outdated and tired. And LONG overdue for a revamp.”

Based on Kate’s brief of Industrial, but with a warmer and more personalized feel, OTC designed and built a clean and simple website that put their company values front and center. Their new logo and professional photography completed the story.

The new website is easy to navigate and includes additional functionality, such as ‘Request a Quote’ forms and Vendor & Customer resource sections. A big upgrade and much more useful than their old, outdated website.