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Glacier City Tours Website

Having been the lead guide for Glacier City Snowmobile Tours for a number of years, Justin and his wife Erin jumped at the chance to acquire the business in 2021.

They got straight to work expanding into summer rafting and hiking tours to make Glacier City Tours a year-round business. And also undertook a rebranding exercise to reflect the changes.

Then it was time for a new website to replace the old outdated one they had inherited with the business. Justin knew he wanted to work with us, and got in touch. We got straight to work so the new website would be ready for launch before bookings for their busy winter season opened.

The challenge was including the two different seasonal businesses on the new website in a simple and coherent way. We incorporated logos for both seasons throughout the website and organized the tours into a Winter section and a Summer section. There are very clear links and easy navigation to each section throughout the website, and the lead image is able to be changed over with the start of the new season without diluting the rest of the page. web-page screenshot Website

The OTC team thinks their home town of Girdwood, Alaska is a pretty special place. Sadly, until a few years ago, there wasn’t a single online presence that showcased our beloved town and provided useful information to residents and potential visitors.

Having identified the need for a website for all things Girdwood, we got together with a few like-minded individuals to design one. The vision was for a go-to resource that would serve locals and visitors alike.

Today, not only is number one in Google with a growing total of over 4000 visitors monthly, it is also recognized as the number one resource for our town. Problem solved!

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Third Edge Heli Website

Third Edge is not like other heli-ski companies. They like to do things a little differently so their customers get the best possible experience. Both on the snow and off it.

Their private single-load helis and small group sizes mean they can maximize your time on the snow by minimizing waiting time. And you have the freedom to go wherever the best shredding is on the day.

Put simply – they want to make sure you have the BEST shred of your life!

When Jeff, Brad, and the crew briefed OTC on the requirements for their new website their main objective was to make their points of difference obvious – both in the way they operate and their vibe – which they describe as more punk rock/heavy metal than easy listening.

OTC got straight to work planning out a website that met their brief and concisely told potential customers what their options were and what they could expect from a heli trip with Third Edge.

Between them, the Third Edge Crew had huge high-quality photo archives so we were fortunate to have thousands of stunning images to choose from. Carefully curated and edited in detail, these really make the dream heli trips they offer come alive on the screen and pull the whole website together.

Alaska Exquisite Travel Website

Jeremy Schuler and Carissa Larson have long been eager to bring Alaska Native representation to the tourism industry in Alaska.

So they founded Alaska Exquisite Travel. They will run Anchorage-based day trips to Turnagain Arm, including glacier viewing and a wildlife tour, custom day tours, and private transfers/shuttles from Anchorage to Denali & Seward.

As a new business, they needed an attractive, high-quality website to help them establish credibility in a competitive market. As well as that, it needed to give customers all the tour information they would need and allow them to quickly and easily book online.

The OTC team made a clean and simple 6-page website that can easily be expanded in the future as Jeremy & Carissa add more tours to their portfolio. To enable easy online booking we integrated a 3rd party solution called Fareharbor and added a highly visible ‘Book Online’ button throughout the website.

We wish them the best of luck and every success with their new business!

Seldovia Village Tribe Website

Seldovia Village Tribe prioritizes providing services and supports for the people of the Kachemak Bay area.

In 2018 they put out a request for proposals to redesign all three of their websites. As a normal part of our process, we spend time researching our potential clients, and we were so impressed by the work the Seldovia Village Tribe were doing for their community, we knew right away we wanted a chance to work with them! Luckily for us, they liked our proposal.

The team designed three websites that have a similar feel in terms of layouts, imagery, design and typography, but that function differently from one another to address the unique needs of the visitors for each one.

Seldovia Village Tribe
SVT Health & Wellness
Seldovia Bay Ferry

1st Alaska Tours Video Shoots

1st Alaska Tours wanted to enhance their website and marketing campaign with professionally shot video clips highlighting the Top 10 Things to do in Fairbanks, Alaska.

They were also in need of a comprehensive video to showcase their tours at the tour shows they attend throughout the year.

OTC organized and managed two separate multi-day video shoots and produced engaging and informative marketing videos for their site.

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