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Kristen Marchus-Hemstad Website

Kristen had seen a website we made for fellow medium, Denise Gallup, in late 2017, and decided OTC might be a good fit for her.

Her first priority was moving her existing site off her old, outdated hosting account, so the team organized and facilitated a move to WP Engine.

Once that was done, we set to work planning, designing and making a fresh new website with lots of white space while using Kristen’s favorite blue tones as highlight colors. She was looking for a site with a “calm feel.” We integrated an online booking service and a small online store.

Kristen continues to develop her website with OTC and has plans in the near future to add online classes.

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Z Denise Gallup Website

Denise is a local Girdwood artist and medium who reached out to OTC for some website assistance. Denise built her first website/blog herself but thought it needed a facelift to keep up with the times.

The process of building a new website seemed a bit more daunting than before because she had less time on her hands. She also wanted a couple of fancy add-ons that kept stumping her, so she asked OTC to:

  • Build a mobile-responsive website.
  • Set up an email newsletter sign-up form.
  • Customize the appearance of her scheduling system (Acuity Scheduling) and seamlessly link it to the website.
  • Provide her with how-to videos instructing her how to edit her site in the future.
  • Design a blog page that shows off her art work.
  • Design an informational page about classes she teaches and include a sign-up form.

OTC worked with Denise to organize her website information and provide a CMS (Content Management Software) that is more user friendly to her so that she can edit her own website in the future.

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Tanalian Bible Camp Website

Tanalian Bible Camp runs Christian Summer Camps in Alaska, providing an opportunity for evangelism, discipleship, and Christian fellowship.

They came to us with a vision of exactly what they wanted for a new site. Working closely with the Tanalian Bible Camp director, we made their sketches come to life.

Website Objectives:

  • Fun, interactive design
  • Donation pageĀ  – One time or monthly options
  • Online forms
  • Clean transition and integration of third-party platforms (Ultracamp)
  • Template pages that could easily be changed in-house, each year
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