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The OTC team thinks their home town of Girdwood, Alaska is a pretty special place. Sadly, until a few years ago, there wasn’t a single online presence that showcased our beloved town and provided useful information to residents and potential visitors.

Having identified the need for a website for all things Girdwood, we got together with a few like-minded individuals to design one. The vision was for a go-to resource that would serve locals and visitors alike.

Today, not only is number one in Google with a growing total of over 4000 visitors monthly, it is also recognized as the number one resource for our town. Problem solved!

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Northern Compass Group – Maintenance & Ongoing Updates

The Northern Compass Group is revitalizing historic hot springs and accommodations across the lower 48 states, including Carson Hot Springs in Nevada, Jemez Hot Springs, The Laughing Lizard Lodge, and Cañon del Rio in New Mexico. As part of a strategic portfolio adjustment, NCG decided to transition the webmaster role for these properties to a new web design firm with experience in travel and tourism websites.

The team at OTC gladly took on the role, migrating the four websites to new hosting. We now manage and update the sites regularly to meet the client’s needs.

High Manors Website

Carl has two vacation rentals, one on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, and another in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He contacted OTC to inquire about designing and building him a website on a tight budget.

We were able to help Carl out by building his website on our existing vacation rental template.

Carl was the second client to take us up on the offer of using this template. It is a cost-effective option, as using a template we’ve already developed, takes out the research and design phase of the job cutting down the hours considerably.

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Also on this Template

Maui Oceanfront Condo Website & Logo

Brian and Pam wanted to have their own vehicle for marketing their vacation rental so they didn’t have to rely on sites such as VRBO and HomeAway that charge expensive commissions.

They signed up with a boutique local owners network that would take care of their availability calendar and came to OTC with a request for a simple one-page website. They also asked us to come up with a logo that reflected the tropical location of their condo in Maui, Hawaii.

We started with the logo and then incorporated the fresh green from that into the website color scheme as the highlight color. Then we organized their information and made it easy to navigate, and finally integrated the availability calendar. The end result is a user-friendly website that has a fresh clean feel.

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A Taste of Alaska Website

A Taste of Alaska Lodge sits on 280 acres of land that is drenched in natural beauty and family history, which spans three generations. It is a treat for anyone looking for a true Alaskan experience.

Owner Kory had an existing website which had become out of date and wasn’t mobile-friendly. He approached the team at OTC to build him a new one. Kory provided many stunning photos that enabled us to design a large format, full-width website that showcases his truly unique family lodge.

A large percentage of Kory’s clientele are German and Japanese, so we engaged the relevant translators and using WPML software, published the entire website in not just one, but three languages.

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Babkin Charters Website

Brad & Alex from Babkin Charters used to get mixed feedback on their old website – older clientele loved it, younger clientele thought it needed modernizing.

They came to us with a brief to create a new modern website that didn’t lose the feel of the old one.

The OTC team rose to the challenge and designed a new mobile-friendly website. We retained the photographic backgrounds and color palette from their old website, but completely revised the structure, navigation, fonts and page layouts.

They’re happy with the end result and judging by the feedback they receive, so are their clients!

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