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Straight to the Plate Website

The Kramer family has a mission; to serve high quality, healthy, sustainable, and fresh wild-caught Alaskan salmon straight to your plate, so they set up a Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

This means they presell shares of their catch to customers, allowing them to bypass the dominating global supply chains and keep their process small and sustainable.

To directly market their catch, they needed an effective website to educate customers on their philosophy and business model and also give them an easy way to order. OTC designed a beautiful, clean, and functional website for the Kramers. Customers can now easily place an order for salmon straight from the website.

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Fish Western Alaska Website & Logo

Lady Elias LLC operates a fleet of three fishing boats out of King Cove, Alaska.

OTC developed the Fish Western Alaska website for them as a tool to drive recruitment to staff their boats. As skipper Ben Ley points out, they need a resource to reach people while they, themselves are unreachable, which is a lot of the time!

The website aims to show who they are, what they do, and give potential employees all the information they might need if they’re thinking of applying for a job. They can then use the simple website form to apply online.

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Kodiak Deer Hunt Website & Google Work

Captain Chad at Kodiak Deer Hunts with C&M Marine was in need of a website that gave his potential clients a look into a week of hunting with him, as well as easily accessible information on how to be completely prepared and book a trip.

The team focused on getting Chad’s story and putting it into the website, to give clients an idea of who he is and what it’s like aboard his fishing vessel.

We settled on a clean and attractive design that showcases past trips and explains the luxuries clients will experience aboard the Naknek Spirit. There is an FAQ page which helps hunters prepare for their trip, and links to go straight to the source for the appropriate hunting license and tags.

Throughout the website build, we incorporated detailed Google Optimization work so that Capt. Chad’s site will show up ahead of his competitors.

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Katmai Guide - Website Portfolio

Katmai Guide Service Website

Every time Joey from Katmai Guide Service went on a hunting trip he came back to a website that was no longer working. Joey’s website is a crucial resource, allowing potential customers to find his business while he is out of range, so clearly, this was a big problem.

Joey was looking for someone reliable to make him a simple new website that stayed online and was secure so he didn’t have to worry about losing his content. He also had a tight timeline as his peak booking period was fast approaching.

The OTC team immediately got to work, building a new website that showcases his business to the world on a fast and reliable platform. Joey has also contracted us to make regular updates going forward.

Next time Joey is out with clients hunting for Moose, Bear, Dall Sheep or Mountain Goat, he can relax knowing his website is online and in safe hands.

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Babkin Charters Website

Brad & Alex from Babkin Charters used to get mixed feedback on their old website – older clientele loved it, younger clientele thought it needed modernizing.

They came to us with a brief to create a new modern website that didn’t lose the feel of the old one.

The OTC team rose to the challenge and designed a new mobile-friendly website. We retained the photographic backgrounds and color palette from their old website, but completely revised the structure, navigation, fonts and page layouts.

They’re happy with the end result and judging by the feedback they receive, so are their clients!

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Montague Marine Research Website

Based out of Cordova in Prince William Sound, Alaska, Montague Marine Research facilitates scientific research aboard the 58’ R/V Montague.

They had a simple website that showcased their vessel and its research capabilities, however, in 2015 they realized their site needed to be updated to make it mobile-friendly. Rather than try to fix the site they had, the folks at Montague opted for a website re-design using existing structure and content.

The OTC team quickly came up with a new design that met all Mobile-friendly guidelines and produced a new website that retains the look and feel of their previous one, but is more up to date and clean.

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