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Kenai River Vacation Rentals

Soldotna’s Kenai River Recreation Getaway

$150-200 / night

$150* / night in June.
$200* / night in July.
$175* / night in August.

*Doesn’t include service fee of $37-45 & cleaning fee of $75

Minimum 1-night stay

Check in: 4 pm
Check out: 11 am

Walking distance from the world famous Kenai River. Where world-class trophy Salmon are caught all Summer.

About Kenai River
Chrome Chasers
Vacation Rentals

Kenai River Chrome Chasers Vacation Rentals is in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula and offers conveniently located, family-friendly comfort for your next Alaskan adventure. The Kenai Peninsula offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, so head outside and enjoy the natural beauty! Shekinah is very familiar with the Kenai Peninsula and will gladly assist you with suggestions for great tours and guides in the area.

The property contains four amenity-rich units that sleep up to nine people, depending on the unit you choose. You can easily walk to shops and cafes in central Soldotna. Get up close to the Kenai River and Soldotna Creek with a quick walk across the street from the property. Peruse the Wednesday Market, listen to music in the park, or attend a summer concert series on the lawn.

Kenai River Chrome Chasers is about a 1 1/2 hour drive to 2 hour incredibly beautiful drive away from all the hot spots around the Kenai Peninsula, and only 2 1/2-3 hours away from Anchorage for some nightlife entertainment and shopping. Day trips to Homer, Seward and Cooper Landing are a breeze! So gather your fishing gear and a curious spirit to discover The Last Frontier alone or with your loved ones for the adventures of a lifetime at this convenient and comfortable location! Nightly, weekly, and monthly rates are available all year round.

Details & Amenities

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Welcome to My Soldotna

Soldotna is located on the Kenai Peninsula which is where the world-famous Kenai River meets Cook Inlet.


Location Map

We are located within walking distance of the Kenai River.
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