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Carson City Hot Springs Website Redesign

We have a lot to share with you and your team.

To make it easier to digest, we’ve broken down the information into 3 parts (See below).

  1. Why: you need a Redesign & what is important.
  2. Examples: of other good “Hot Springs” websites from around the globe. To contrast and compare.
  3. Cost: We decided to give you 3 price options. Small, Medium & Large.


  • The website is starting to look “dated”.
  • The information, photos & links are getting a little outdated/incorrect.
  • Could work better on a Phone.   At least 50-60% of your site visitors are on the move and on their phones.
  • ADA/WCAG compliance. Helps those with & without disabilities. By making it easier to see, read & click.
  • Needs Google Maps and Google Search Optimization.
  • Save Money/Time in the long run.


Here are some examples of nice Hot Springs & Tourist-related websites from around the world.

I think they are good for “contrasting and comparing” features, designs, and functionality. While we are figuring out our design approach.


Regarding cost, this is how we see it.

  1. Lower-cost refurbishment of the old site OR…
  2. Higher-cost full tear-down and flashy rebuild OR…
  3. Something in the middle.

This leads me to give you 3 pricing options (based on the cost to produce one website).

Option #1 – SMALL budget

50-80 hours, $5,000 minimum

Smaller sites don’t have all the bells and whistles. You can’t tick off all your boxes with them.  But they are simple, professional looking & get to the point.

Example sites: links & screenshots

Option #2 – MEDIUM budget

80-150 hours, $8K-$15K

As we say above. Medium sites are somewhere between our low and high-cost options.

Example sites: links & screenshots

Option #3 – LARGE budget

150-200+ hours, $15K-20K+

Larger sites with bigger budgets let us stretch our wings a bit.  It allows for much more time spent on the project at hand. So we can tick more boxes and even get a little flashy!

Example sites: links & screenshots

Other things to think about.


If we did all 4 sites at once, I think that will save 25% at least and maybe up to 33%.

Because you would save a lot of time basically. Especially if you complete the larger sites first.

Photography is another big expense, that warrants further discussion.  It could really help the end product.  Happy to work with other photographers. But we also have a couple of our own, that we LOVE working with & urge you to consider.