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Google SEO Options

Our comprehensive Google Optimization Package is where we go in deep. Starting with an audit and detailed research, our comprehensive package allows us to take a holistic, long-term approach and really drive results.

Audit & Research

We’ll ask you to sign an initial SEO audit & research contract so we can take the time to look under the hood. We’ll perform an in-depth audit of your website and online presence. And we’ll thoroughly research your business, industry keyphrases, and the competition.

Strategy and Budget

Every business and situation is unique. Using our audit and research we craft a bespoke Google SEO strategy for your business so you get the best results. We’ll also give you a budget estimate for applying our strategy and once budget is agreed we can move forward.


Working with our strategy we will go ahead and optimize your website and online presence. This work will typically include, on page key-phrase optimization, custom targeted landing pages, local & industry linking, Google Map and 3rd party optimization and more.


Our comprehensive packages are intended to be a long term strategy. We build in time to keep going back to the fire, stoking, building, doing over and finessing until we get the #1 results we’re all after. If you just want to pick one or two things off your list at a time, check out our block by block strategy.

Sometimes you have something specific you want to work on, or you might only have the budget to go partway with your SEO strategy at this point in time. In that case, we’re happy to work on a block by block basis and will consult with you to help you decide what block or blocks will be most effective for your website.

Audit and recommendations.

Google 'search' phrase research.

Text changes using your ``Key-phrases``

Google Maps editing

Submission to Google.

Google Reviews Strategy.

Article & Blog Creation.

Google 'Analytics' statistics setup.

Targeted landing page creation.

Creative & SEO writing.

Local & Industry Links.

Security & Backups Setup.

Targeted video production.

Consulting & Coaching.

Just the fundamentals to get you off the SEO starting block and at least start getting your website seen and indexed by Google. Essentials include the following services.

Google Map Optimization

We’ll go in and make sure all is as it should be in your Google Map listing and share some strategies for building your reviews on Google.

Keyphrase Research

We’ll perform basic keyphrase research for your industry and location. Depending on your budget we’ll pick one or a couple to optimize your website for.

Keyphrase Placement

We’ll place the keyphrase or phrases in the Google Friendly positions on the relevant page or pages and add any tags.


At this lower budget option, we’ll work with you to get at least one local industry link to your website.

Make your website our next Google SEO Project!