We were happy to help the Anchorage Library Foundation get their website updated to a more modern and user-friendly design. The OTC team just helped organize their existing content and made it look clean and pleasing to the eye.

The drop-down menus and responsive design make it easier for visitors to navigate. Visit LibraryChampion.com to check it out and learn more about Anchorage Library Champions.


These days, people are looking to do most of their business online, and that includes scheduling appointments. Automation has become the norm, and most people want to take advantage of clicking a button rather than calling and asking when there is availability.

Our smart clients are realizing this, too, and they are asking for scheduling to be built into their websites. There is a variety of scheduling software out there, so we ask our clients what they are wanting and choose one that suits their needs, best.

We look at a number of things when choosing the right software for our clients, such as:

  • functionality
  • user-friendliness
  • dependability
  • security
  • integration with other applications


Check out some examples of appointment schedulers we used for some of our clients:

We felt Acuity Scheduling was the right one for JohnVliet.com and KristenMH.com, as it integrated seamlessly into their websites and is compatible with Square and PayPal.



Bookeo is another platform for online scheduling and is also a great option for those looking for online event registration. Check out SVT.org for an example.

We recently finished up the website for Kodiak Deer Hunts with C&M Marine, complete with a clean, easy to navigate, and attractive design.

Captain Chad needed a website that gives his potential clients clear information on what to expect on their hunting adventure, what dates are available, and how to acquire the necessary hunting license and tags.

We also made sure his website is optimized so that it has a presence on Google and is all set to prosper!

Alaska Drift Away Fishing was in need of some updates to their Guide Kenai River website, which the OTC team had designed several years ago.

We wanted to bring them into the modern age by implementing a new, updated design on a WordPress platform. Using their existing content and structure, we tweaked and refined pages as we went, enhanced the website with new images and text, and made sure they show up in Google like champs.

We know Google will like the shiny newness of their websites!

and see some incredibly gorgeous photos of Alaska right on your screen. Poki Charters’ new website provides a look into what it’s like to cruise the waters of Prince William Sound, view wildlife and stunning scenery, and dine on fresh Alaskan seafood aboard a small boat cruise.

We are happy their new site portrays the fun and adventure that awaits those lucky enough to take the trip of a lifetime. Send a reservation request directly to Poki Charters from their handy booking page to see all this in person!

Our friends at Quick Draw Window Cleaning really wanted their website to be more functional and user-friendly. Now it’s easy for visitors to see what they’re about and get some pricing on sparkling clean windows! We enhanced their original branding and made their site mobile-friendly. Click here to check it out!

Just got done helping Sean Smart @ Kenai River Recon tune up his website and internet setup to start doing better on Google.

We cut a lot of the clutter out, increased loading speeds 2-3 times, gave things more room to breathe. Fixed a bunch of errors. Changed wording and concentrated on commonly used Fishing Google search phrases. Submitted site to Google for a look see as well as fixing up Google Maps listings.

Just all the basics to make a site Google friendly. Which really just means make people and phone friendly. Cut the BS and make your website clear, simple and to people solve their problem or desire.

We also did a lot of consulting with Sean to empower him to take on some of the online legwork. Like writing blog posts, Facebook and having a strategy to get review and links to the business.

We’ll now check back in on Sean in a month or 2 and see how things are a going.

Mobile Speed Before
Mobile Speed After

Picture of a cheetah

Is your website up to speed?

There are several reasons why page speed is important, and some of it gets downright techy. It really boils down to people just wanting things right away!

People are busy and have short attention spans, so if your web page takes its time loading, eager surfers will surely click away. You don’t want that to happen, and we don’t want that to happen to you.

Aside from a fast-loading web page being appealing to visitors, there are multiple reasons speed benefits your site:

  • visitors spend more time on your site
  • search engines give fast sites better rankings
  • fast sites encourage sales
  • quick loading speed equals more social shares
  • good speed makes a first impression


While content and good writing are essential for a good website, speed is what will keep folks happy and engaged while visiting.