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New Website for Girdwood CSF

We were happy to launch a website for the Kramer family and their salmon-fishing business, Straight to the Plate. Their business is a Girdwood-based Community Supported Fishery (CSF), and we were proud to work with them on their new site!

You can see their new website here

Solid Shot a Solid Site

We don’t need a lot of words to describe Solid Shot and their services, due to the awe-inspiring footage we were able to use in developing their website.

Visit their awesome new website and see for yourself the images and video they capture, as well as services they offer.

Making Space

White space is in.

Whether we’re talking about interior design or web design, blank space can add a calming effect, make things feel clean, and it just looks downright classy if it’s done right.

White space on a web page offers our eyes and minds a rest while taking in content, just as a room with sparsely and well-placed items may give us a calm feeling. Getting rid of clutter is all the rage.

Types of white space include:

  • micro
  • macro
  • passive
  • active

For more information, the Interaction Design Foundation provides a really nice article on the power of white space.