OTC Web has 3 options to guarantee your Website is kept current, functional, looking good & up to date.

1. Ongoing Web Master Support - Regular Maintenance
Decide with us what is important to you and your website. Then OTC will regularly maintain and keep up with all the updates you need.

2. Web Mechanic - Audits and One Off Fix-ups
Contact us today to arrange a website audit, or simply let us know what you need fixed on your website. We will give you a plan and a quote, before undertaking any work. Website audits start from just $100.

3. Maintenance managed by site owner or administrator
Some businesses have sites which need updating on such a regular basis, it makes more sense for them to be able to perform certain updates themselves. If this sounds right for your business, give us a call to discuss. We can set you up with a password-restricted, online content management system and using this you can easily update your website content from any PC with an Internet connection.

●  Support charged at $100 p/hr

●  House visit's available

●  Office Location in downtown Girdwood, Alaska

Contact us to make an appointment or chat

A good website should be ever evolving. It is essential to keep your website up to date, looking fresh and changing with the needs of your business. All too often websites are neglected after they are made live. This generally results in a decline in performance as content and links get more and more out-of-date.

A website is a complicated program consisting of multiple components and it pays to use a professional website support service. The best solution is a regular program of ongoing maintenance, however we are also more than happy to help with any one off fix-ups, major or minor.