& "Off the Chain" inspiration

George is the spirit of OTC (Off The Chain). When he is unleashed he is gone and will run for miles

We like to think our clients will get "off the chain" if they give us a chance to work for them.



Jack of all trades,
Master of some

Kelvin is the big boss and master of all things related to websites, google, photoshop and consulting.

Kelvin is the guy you will talk to on the phone if you call OTC. He can bridge the gap between computer speak and the English language.

His experience enables you to get to the nitty gritty of cost, expectations and design real quick.

Experience: Self employed Web Designer since 1999.


Web Designer
& Google Search expert

Maree has been working with OTC since 2006 . She is a true Wonder Woman and we are lucky to have her.

Maree helps with layouts & producing websites. She is also a Google Search Engine Optimization specialist.

Before OTC she travelled around the world setting up photoshoots for high-end clothing catalogues.

Experience: With us since 2006.
20 years+ in the industry.


Web Developer &
Tech Solutions Super Star

Liz joined the OTC team as a Junior Developer and quickly proved herself to be an invaluable member of the team. She is an excellent Developer & can turn her hand to design when needed

Liz has a sharp technical mind and one her key strengths is researching and testing technical solutions for website builds.

Experience: 5 Years hands-on website development experience at OTC.


Copywriter &

Susan is much more than a hot blonde. Not only does her copy read well, she has the ability to write to a special formula.

In particular she is an expert at writing for Google and Search Engine Optimizations.

Experience: With OTC since 2005
Susan also has a degree in English.

MW Bailey

Art Director, Webmaster
& Graphic Designer

Matt is our resident art guy. Along with Maree he makes sure our sites look great. As well as providing our clients with his professional graphic design skills.

Matt has worked for the "Alaska" Magazine as Assistant Art Director and a founder & owner of

Experience: Almost 20 years in the industry. With OTC since 2003.
He has a degree in Graphic Design.