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Parenting is one of the most challenging experiences of our lives. Our children are unique individuals, revealing to us weaknesses and strengths we may not have known we possessed. It is our responsibility to find ways of allowing them to become the people they want to be, while creating a secure and stable environment within which they can make mistakes and learn.

Parents come to counseling when they are feeling powerless and overwhelmed. This may be because of issues in their personal lives that are adding stress and confusion to their daily expectations as a parent. It may be because your child is engaging in behaviors at school and/or home that are stressful and difficult to understand. Parents may have been trying to change their relationship with a child and not finding success or creating the outcomes they desire. In addition, parents may find that they have different approaches to parenting and are not sure how to find a negotiated middle ground. Single parents may find that they have little support, or that their support systems are not people whose opinion they wish to solicit when it comes to parenting.

I use a developmental approach in my counseling of parents, providing education about their child’s developmental needs, the tasks and experiences both parent and child are facing during each period of the child’s life.  I work to assist parents in creating consistent expectations, limits, and consequences that allow their children a sense of independence and self-mastery. We work on positive communication skills that creates choices and builds decision making skills. I use a scientific approach to looking at brain development and a child’s abilities and any given stage of their lives.

My approach to counseling parents changes depending on their child/ren’s age. I work with parents who have children of any age, including transitional youth.

If you are a parent who is separated or divorced, you may be looking for co-parenting counseling, another specialty of mine.