Whitney M WhitmanWhitney M Whitman LPC LLC

Couples Counseling

Much like family therapy, couples counseling focuses on improving both people’s experience of the relationship they are sharing. Couples may have found that their differences and unique qualities create an impasse when trying to resolve conflicts. Individual experiences that a person had before entering this relationship may create challenges as they work on commitment and intimacy.

My approach to couples counseling involves looking at family of origin issues. I believe your childhood experiences have a significant impact on how you relate to the people closest to you as an adult. In addition, out deepest insecurities, fears, and emotional wounds can come to the surface of our adult relationships in subconscious and unintended ways.

I will provide education on healthy relationship, communication, boundaries, and emotional intimacy. I will request that couples practice skills learned in session through homework assignments. I will collaborate with a couple to identify and develop new rituals to engage in that will increase intimacy and shared joy. 

Sexual health issues are often an aspect of couples counseling, and will certainly be addressed in the work that we do. However, if the primary issue that brings you and your partner to counseling is of a sexual nature, I recommend seeing a counselor that specializes in sex therapy.