Whitney M WhitmanWhitney M Whitman LPC LLC

Adolescent Therapy

Teenagers exhibit mental health issues in vastly different ways than adults. Often, their opposition, their anger, and/or withdrawal masks emotional crisis such as depression and anxiety. Developmentally, adolescents do not have the ability to regulate emotions as adults do, yet our social experience makes demands on them that insist they figure out how to do so. Adolescence is also a time of individuation, which present challenges for the parents and the family.


I have almost two decades of experience working with troubled teenagers. It is one of my greatest pleasures in life to role-model healthy, strong relationships with young people who have lost faith in themselves, the adults in their lives, and sometimes in life itself. I am skilled at managing suicidality, emotional and behavioral crises, anger, co-dependency, depression, anxiety, experimentation with substance abuse, poor school performance/behavior, and oppositionality. I specialize in the treatment of self-harm and self-sabotage.


I will work with my adolescent clients to develop positive communication skills, healthy relationships with peers and adults, boundaries, coping and leisure skills. I will also meet them where they are in their quest to make change. I cannot, nor do I want to, force anyone to improve his or her health and wellness. If my teenage client is not ready to make change, we will work on building rapport and identifying what their needs are and how counseling can help them reach what goals they may have at that time.

When needed, and if possible, I will refer my teen clients to family therapy as well.